What is Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Cost per Square Foot?

Are you planning to get epoxy floor coating for your commercial property? You must be wondering about what is commercial epoxy floor coating costs. It would be best if you had an estimate of pricing so that you can set the budget. Knowing the market price is essential because you need to set your budget while trying to choose the one offering a competitive rate. So, let’s get started to know all about epoxy floor coating rate and all the factors contributing to its overall cost. But first thing first:

What is Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Cost?

On average, epoxy flooring installation costs $5 to $15 per square foot. This flooring is quite popular because it’s easy to maintain. You spend less on epoxy floor installation compared to tile floor installation. You might spend less money, but this flooring is quite durable. It means your investment offers you a return for a long time. 

What are the Factors Contributing to Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Costs?

You have an average estimate for epoxy flooring; now it’s time to know some factors contributing to its overall pricing.

Floor Size and Complexity

The first thing defining your overall cost is floor size and complexity. It goes without saying that when an installer needs to cover a big area, it requires more time, effort, material, and budget than handling a small area job. Your rate might change when your floor has a complex layout, intricate designs, corners, and obstacles. It means you pay extra for additional preparation and application time.

Surface Preparation

If you have a flat floor ready for epoxy coating, it might require you to spend less. But this whole scenario will change quickly when your floor condition is improper. If it needs repair and has previous coatings and containment, then experts must prepare the surface and apply the layer. There are different ways to prep a surface, such as concrete grinding, shot blasting, or crack repairs. As it’s an extra thing to do before coating, be ready to pay more for that.

Epoxy System and Quality

You can find various epoxy coating and materials in the market. You pay extra if you pick 100 percent more solid epoxy than the standard one. But this additional price is worth it because the high-quality coating has high-performance characteristics, strong chemical resistance, and durability. So, what type and quality you choose for your commercial floor make a difference in overall floor coating cost. 

Additional Coating Layers

What kind of finishing do you have in your mind? If you want a glossy finish, installers will use additional coating layers such as epoxy primers, base coats, decorative flakes or pigments, and topcoats. You will pay extra for every other layer because finishing will require more labor, time, and material. 


Commercial epoxy floors’ cost varies from location to location due to differences in labor rates and market competition. Besides, the expertise of the contractor also changes the price. When you get commercial epoxy floor service from well-reputed experts in the area, they will charge higher than newbies in the market.

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Do you want to get this job as quickly as possible, or are you ready to wait? Contractors hire additional labor and do overtime when you have tight project deadlines. Thereby, they give you a high-cost estimate for a fast turnaround. If you can wait, then a standard timeline is a good idea to save money on the overall cost.

Wrap up Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Cost

So, commercial epoxy floor cost per square foot on average is  $5 to $15 per square foot. Several factors will change the cost estimate, such as location, timeline, floor size, surface prep, and 

additional finishing layers. It would help if you understood all these factors before you hunt for the best commercial epoxy flooring service in Florence, AL.

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